October 15, 2010

Selamat Bertunang, Ayu :)

Ayu, is my cousin. Her mother is my mom's younger sister, so you can say that we were quite close during our younger times. But now, I'm married, and she's working, and now dah bertunang and soon to get married, biasa lah, dah tak rapat macam masa kecik2 dulu. But I always remember her as a little girl with curly hair. My arwah Papa used to said 'Rambut Ayu macam ladang pokok kelapa kat atas bukit tengah highway'. Yeah, that's my dad, always have something untuk disamakan hehehe....

The theme is PINK, and I love it so much. But unfortunately, I couldn't attend the engagement ceremony as I was pretty damn busy with my work and also ada banyak cupcakes order. Sorry Ayu. Your wedding, I will definitely go ;).

Look at the pink color. Don't you just love PINK???

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