October 15, 2010

It's BLACK, it's RED.


My favourite color. However, it's not easy to make these two colors as BLACK and as RED as the eye can see. I need plenty of colouring to make the color go strikingly BLACK and RED. Susah woo....Because if you put lesser black colouring, the cream will look greyish and the if you put lesser red colouring pulak, it will look PINK!!! So, kena la improvise sikit....

Anyway, this set is order from Kak Zila, my loyal customer. Dah banyak kali dah she ordered from me. Semuanya untuk pertunangan. I finally got to meet her that day when she collected the cupcakes. She is sweet and nice and it was nice meeting her at last ;).

Thanks for the order Kak Zila ;).

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