October 15, 2010

NARUTO. For a little girl.

The title may sound strange to you. Especially when it's for a little girl. Because usually girls will go for Barbie, Disney Princess, High School Musical, etc. But my salute to those girls who just love being themselves; never pretend ;).

Kak Wati was one of my colleagues in AIG back in year 2005. We were in the same department; Personal Lines Division. She's one of the Underwriters and she still is. Only that now AIG is now known as Chartis Insurance. Don't ask me why, I'm not the shareholder ;P. And our boss, Mr. Kamaludin Ahmad @ Pitt pon dah naik pangkat jadi Regional Manager now.

Anyway, Kak Wati yang order this set for her daughter. She requested the edible image of Naruto to be put on top of the cupcakes.

Thanks for the order Kak Wati.

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