October 15, 2010

'Selamat Hari Jadi Abang'

I always love whenever a girl call her BF of husband ABANG. It sounds sweet and not cliche hehehe...But I'm not calling my hubby ABANG, because his family calling him by that name, so he will feel like I'm one of his sisters. hahahaha...

These two sets of 25pcs cupcakes ordered by Fiza for her ABANG on his birthday. Thanks Fiza for your order. Those sets were delivered to ABANG's office by myself. I had a lunch appointment with my two lovely girlfriends; Liza Razali & Dalenn Adha. So, tumpang kereta Dalenn and rushed to ABANG's office first to drop the cupcakes, and we were off to Wangsa Maju for lunch.

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