December 1, 2010

Little Sweet Doll Cake by Little Darling Cupcakes

Many reasons I decided to make cupcakes instead of normal cakes before; the job is too tidious! I've seen my friends did it, they took hours to finish just one cake!

But it all started to change when my sister, Anna encouraged me bake my own cake with my own recipe, with my own decoration. And I was like, hmmm...I can do it! Woohooo!!!!

So, my first assignment on cake baking is quite tough; A DOLL CAKE! My niece, Cinta, had her 4th birthday last Saturday, so I decided this is a good chance to try my skill on baking and decorating a cake.

I started baking at 11pm. Late huh? hehe...I waited until my daughter fell asleep, and done my wife 'chores' (huhu), then only I started my job.

The recipe that I used was actually the Sponge Cake recipe. Not my type of cake, but that's what my sister in-law requested. So, ikut je. I mean, Sponge Cake ke, Butter Cake ke, what I need to focus is the decoration.

This is the result:

What do you think?

The dome that supposed to be the gown for that doll came out too DOMEY. I guess I have to work out on the dome part. Insya Allah, lepas ni ok la kot. AMIN.

And I also include Barbie cupcakes around the doll cake, so that it look nice and so that Cinta knows that this party is for her ;).

Ok tak? Your comments are very much appreciated darlings ;).


  1. omg sally, this is so sweettt.....
    way 2 go!!!
    hope u'll mak more of the wonderful ones like this...

  2. sis , how nak order yg mcm ni ye ?

  3. Salam Fiza,

    Kalo nak order ni, just send email to us ya. thanks


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