November 29, 2010

How Can I Say No?

Red rose. Don't you just love the color?

Roses are famous among lovers. Birthdays, anniversaries, apologies, whatever it is, rose plays an essential role in every relationship.

Ye ke? OK, maybe not to me. HAHA. Reason is, I've never received any roses or any other flowers from my hubby. But I guess that's him being himself. He's not a romantic person, but that's what I like about him; not pretending. But a little bit of romance should be nice sometimes, don't you think? ;)

What does LOVE mean to you? Different lover have different perspective. As for me, love brings its own meaning in different situation. Make it simple, don't overdo, just do whatever it takes to make it work and believe me, it will work naturally.

But sometimes, a bit of surprises sparks your love life sometimes, right? I admire those couples who never fail to keep the romance in their relationship. Jealous pun ada.

Here's an order I received on Friday morning, approximately at 9am. As usual, I slept very late the night before to finish some of the cupcakes ordered which needs to be delivered on Friday. The call I received was actually from an unknown number, but the person who called me was actually Along (Norris Isma, my sister in-law). She said, her boss, Encik Idril noticed she brought the cupcakes that she needs to pass to Miss Lizawati (please view my past entry on Dinasour Boy). Her boss wanted to order a cupcakes for his anniversary with his wife.

To my surprise, it wasn't their wedding anniversary. Encik Idril told me that on this date (26 November), was the date he said I LOVE YOU to his wife and that was the date he gave his wife a rose.


At first, Encik Idril said he just want to order 10pcs of cupcakes. I was like 'macam mana pulak aku nak letak cupcakes ni dalam kotak'. So I suggested him to take the 12pcs cupcakes because I can get the 12pcs cupcake box. He also mentioned to me that he and his wife are very careful on their dietery. And his wife is not into chocolate that much. He asked me whether I have strawberry flavour, I said I do, but not on that day as I need to buy fresh strawberries to make strawberry cupcakes. So I suggested him to take my blueberry flavour cupcakes, and he agreed.

That was only on the flavour.

Now the design.

He specifically asked me to decorate those cuppies with little rosettes. And 1 cupcake with a big rose. In my head, I imagine about putting the sugar paste rose on the cupcake. Sekali tu, he said 'Kalau dapat rose betul lagi bagus la'. Dari mengantuk baru bangun tidur, terus segar bugar I jadinya. MANA PULAK AKU NAK CARIK FLORIST KAT SECTION 9 NI????

Although his request sounds, somehow, a bit ridiculous, but I feel that he's a person who listens, and his mind is fast too. When he mentioned about putting the REAL ROSE on the cupcake, I was like 'ala, sayangnya cupcake tu nanti tak boleh dimakan'. I mean, I know the cupcakes will get some of the residues you'll get from the rose. Dah nama pun bunga segar, of course la mesti ada pesticide kan. But before I could mention that to him, he said to me better letak artificial rose, at least tak ada la cupcakes tu semua terkena racun yang terlekat kat bunga tu. Haaaa betul3.

He said he always give his wife roses on this date every year. It just that, this year, he wants something different. Ye lah, at least this year the rose his wife dapat boleh di makan :D.

But what amazed me most, is the story he told me about that date that he celebrates every year with his wife. Betapa sweetnya Encik Idril ni. I yang dengar cerita dia pun dah macam chocolate bar kena potong lepas tu di siram dengan heavy cream panas. CAIR OK!

So I agreed to take his order. Janji dia happy (sebenarnya cair dengar cerita dia hehe). Although I had 150pcs cupcakes order that day, tak apa, I sanggup. Like I said in my previous entry, I kan suka tengok orang happy ;P.

I finished the 150pcs cupcakes at 5pm. After Amy collected her cupcakes, I started making Encik Idril's cupcakes. Berbunga-bunga hati I masa buat cuppies dia. My mind wonders alot of things about Encik Idril's love life. How does he talk to his wife? How does he handle the arguments (I doubt this, but kalau ada pun mesti kecik2 je)? What other sweet things he do for his wife? Macam2 soalan yang keluar dalam otak ni masa buat cuppies dia. Nak kena berguru kot dengan dia hehe...Or maybe, force my hubby berguru dengan dia? HAHAHAHAHA

Here's the cupcakes ordered by Encik Idril:

Well Encik Idril, thank you very much for your order. Eventhough it was a last minute order, but I managed to do it. The design that I made for you are inspired by the story you've told me. I wish you a long life, and a long, sweet and happy love life with your wife.

Give her two red roses, each with a note. The first note says For the woman I love and the second, For my best friend. - Unknown


  1. im sorry, im En idril's son..Iman bin Idril..first time calling him 'En Idril' , haha.. I still cant believe that this 'En Idril' is my father..Im proud of you pa <3

  2. omg! sumpat sangat sweet la en Idril ni...
    iman, ure so lucky 2 have sucha sweet...
    make sure u inherit it... hehhe


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