November 28, 2010

Those Sweet Things Safely Delivered to Your Heart ;)

Why do people love to make sweet surprises to their loved ones?

As for me, I have my own answer; just to make my loved ones feel happy. And I'm sure everyone have the same opinion too. Imagine you're having ONE hell Monday morning; your boss just keep getting onto your nerves, your colleagues just can't leave you alone, your clients just can't stop giving you headaches, then suddenly, the door opens and entered a guy with a box of cupcakes and asking for you. And the box of cupcakes is for you. Delivered straight to your hands. Imagine that. Wouldn't it be nice? ;)

One thing about me that many people do not know, I love to make people happy, I just love to see the smile on people's face. A smile, to me, are much valuable than $$$. Believe me, I've met many people and among those that I've met, very few of them are generous enough to give me a smile. And the majority, well, let's just say it's very hard to please them. And you can say that I'm not that closed to them hehehe....Sorry, tak berapa berkenan dengan orang yang susah nak senyum. Senyum itu kan sedekah ;).

These two cupcakes ordered by two different people, Madam Yaso & Cik Liza. Both of them ordered my cupcakes for their husbands.

This set is for Mr. Ravin who works in Maxis Communication in Plaza Sentral. Ordered by his wife, Madam Yaso. *I was really in the mood of Henna hehe...*

And this set was ordered by Cik Liza for her hubby (alamak! I lupa nama suami dia :P). But I still think that it's sweet, eventhough it's a belated birthday gift ;).

Both were delivered safely by my rider, Mr. Azman yang selalu menolong I dalam hal2 penghantaran ni semua hehehe....But one thing you have to know darlings, delivery can only be arranged if you order 4-5 days earlier. Kalau order harini nak deliver esok, memang agak susah ;P.

Stay cool happy people ;)!

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