November 28, 2010

Dinasour Boy!

Whenever I heard or read about dinasours, I always think about Ross Geller, one of the character in the comedy series FRIENDS. In FRIENDS, Ross was a paleontologist a.k.a. dinasour freak. In all the episodes of all series, Ross talked about dinasours all the time. And there's one episode where Ross and Rachel had a break on their relationship (which Ross thought they were on a break...the issue lasted until the very last episode in season 10!), Ross SLEPT with a girl from the photocopy shop across his block and I was sooooooo mad at him when he did that. HAHA. I memang macam tu, that's why I don't want to stick to any TV series anymore, nanti jadi emotional sangat ;P.

Well, OK. This set of cupcakes order came from Miss Lizawati of CNI. Kalau dah nama CNI tu, of course la dia kenal my sister in-law kan, Norris Isma yang memang suka tengok kalau I buat cupcakes kat rumah. Dengan anak-anak dia suka my cupcakes. Kalau ada lebih cupcakes kat rumah tu, memang dorang la yang habiskan, I dah tak larat dah nak makan cupcake. hehe.

Anyway, Miss Lizawati ordered the 25pcs cupcakes for his son, and she requested the dinasour edible image too. So I Googled some of the dinasour cartoon character and jumpa la yang macam dalam  gambar ni. Miss Lizawati suka sangat especially yang bertanduk tu. Huhu. I pon suka yang bertanduk tu because it look so cute.

Since Miss Lizawati pon bekerja di CNI, she said just give the cupcakes to Along (Norris Isma) so that Along can bring it her office and pass it to Miss Lizawati.

Thank you so much for your order Kak Liza. Hope your son like the cupcakes ;).

*My daughter likes Toys Story hehehe....Nasib baik dia tak suka Princess, if not menangis jugak nak membeli all the princess toys. Mahal tau!

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