November 13, 2010

Beautiful Wedding by Chenta Weddings

Sarah @ Dok is a good friend of mine; she used to play guitar/bass for our local Oi! band, The Official (laki i pon penah main for this band jugak). She's very talented, in many ways. What I adore her most is her hardworking attitude. Even my husband said so.

So, I got to know from her that dia dah takde kerja...reasonnya, the company closed down. Kesian la kat dia, I mean she just got married very early this year. Me, hubby & our little daughter went to her wedding in JB. It was a beautiful wedding, I must say. And I got to know her mom too :). Her mom is friendly and very, very nice and she was so excited my daughter called her NENEK ;). Heheheh so cute la her mom. And aku terus jatuh cinta dgn mak dia hahahahaha.....

Anyway, being someone yang sangat creative and sangat la multi-tasking person, Sarah became a Wedding Planner. The name is cool and sweet, Chenta Weddings.

So last month, Chenta Weddings has been appointed by Miss (now Puan) Fairoza for her wedding at Taman Rimba Kiara. It was a garden wedding. SANGAT LAH cantik nya wedding ituuuuuuu Ya ALLAH!!!

I was invited by Sarah to help her buat deco2 for this wedding. Belajar byk sangat benda ok dgn dia. And I just admire her work so much. Yes Dok, bukan aku nak puji ko, tapi ko memang patut dipuji dgn semua kerja2 ko ni. Superb, and lain dari yang lain.

So, DOK, congratulations on Chenta Weddings and all the best in whatever you do ;).


P/s: Siapa2 yang nak kahwin tu, memang I strongly suggest Chenta Weddings. You can visit her blog here

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