October 15, 2010

Custom Design Cupcakes

This set is for Amy Basri who purchased my bag collection from Facebook and now became my cupcakes customer hehehe....

This one is for Amy Basri too ;). Thanks Amy for your order ;).

This set ordered by Shida. The words?? Hehe...you figure it out yourself! ;D

Order from Fared in Melaka for his special friend in UiTM who fell sick. Thank Fared for you order, although last minute ordernya...hehehe

I decided to put all the custom design cupcakes here in this entry. Because.....hehehe....pardon me, my very last entry before this date was APRIL 19 2010. Sumpah lama tak update kat blog ni. So, I kinda forget who actually ordered all these sets. If ada yang I ingat, I will mention, but if not, you know who you are ;).

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