April 9, 2010

Super Sexy Cupcakes - Shake your body bebeh!!!

This is the 3rd order from Zeti. This time, it's for her fiance, Faizul. Pikir punya pikir punya pikir, last2, she came out with the idea of the sexy cupcakes. I, on the other hand, had nothing in mind except cupcake tet*k on the cupcakes. hahaha.

I like the writings sebab so cute, and so....sexy. Kalo I la jadi Faizul, dah lama I terkam si Zeti ni. huhuu....Tergelak2 I masa tulis atas cupcakes tu.

Zeti collected the cupcakes on 1st April afternoon at my house. I was in the office time tu. Sekali tu she said to me in FB, yang the writings tu semua melted on her way back to office. HUWAAAAAAAAAAAA sedihnya! How could that happened?

So, the next day, I met Zeti near my office and touch up and re-do the cupcake writings. Rupanya fondant paste tu yang cair. Alamak. I guess fondant tu I buat tak tebal sangat kot. But I'm glad Zeti likes it anyway ;).

Thanks Zeti for your order! muah!!!!

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