April 9, 2010

Ben10 Cupcakes!

Hello again. Sorry for not updating this blog, I have been VERY and SUPER BUSY this week. And today is Friday and I'm so happy!!! and in love.... ;)
Anyway, this order is from Kak Norlin from Setia Alam. She ordered 25pieces of chocolate cupcakes with Ben10 edible image for her son's birthday. Her son supposed to take these cupcakes to school the next day she received these cupcakes. Bestnya! dulu masa kecik I pon suka kalo my mom buat apa2 kuih so that I can bring to school to belanja my friends hehehe...
Anyway, thanks to Kak Norlin for this order. It was nice to meet you (she's pretty ;) ).
RM50 (25pieces cupcakes) + RM18 (edible image of Ben10).

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