January 7, 2011

Mickey Cake: Zuhry is ONE!!!!

Bishuwie. That's what all the nieces & nephews including my daugther call him. ZUHRY. Dari BABY ZUHRY jadi BISHUWI. hehehe....

Zuhry is my brother's son. Montel, gebu, handsome, semuanya ada pada dia. Dah la bulu mata melentik. Kalau dapat gigit, memang sedap tau. Gigit sampai nangis. hahahaha....

Zuhry with his daddy.
Anyway, 2days before my Pakcu's wedding in Meru, Ajoe called me and asked me to make a Mickey cake for Zuhry for his 1st birthday. 3KG. Boleh? Besar OK!!!!

So sebagai seorang adik yang baik hati, I buat lah, walaupon penat tak cukup tido buat kek Pakcu the nights before, takpe, I sanggup huhuhuu.....sayang SHUWIE SANGAT3!!!

And here's the cake turned out to be:

The Mickey Cake I made for Zuhry ;). 3KG Butter Cake with Blueberry filling. Boy, the ears part was soooo challenging. And to get that black color is another tidious thing. I mixed the buttercream with melted dark chocolate, chocolate emulco, black colouring and a little drops of brown colouring.

Happy Birthday ZUHRY!!!!

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