January 7, 2011

My Fondant Collection :)

October, November & December. My schedule for these 3months was hectic. People were getting married everywhere. Not to forget parents who organized the Majlis Aqiqah for their children. For the weddings, I was very tied up with all the hantaran cupcakes. And for the Majlis Aqiqah, I was tied up with the doorgift cupcakes. And without Bibik around, boy I was super exhausted; my daughter didn't give me any chance to rest. I can only had my own time during solat or shower. Other than that, it was about cupcakes, cakes & this 2yo of mine.

Anyway, what I want to share in this entry is, all the fondant cupcakes that I've made recently. Some of it for weddings, some of it for engagements. It was tidious, I have to admit. But I really, really enjoyed decorating cupcakes using fondant.

So here are my fondant cupcakes (some of it I have posted in my previous entries, but anyhow...;P):

Order by Nadhillah from Facebook ;).

Ok, I forgot the name of the person who ordered this set ;P. Sorry.

Ordered by my 2nd cousin, Suzana.

Ordered by Kak Zubaidah (she got to know about my cupcakes from my sister in-law's friend).

Again, I forgot who ordered this. Sorry.

Aha! This baby was ordered by my dearest friend, Liza Razali. The bakul was given to me from Liza.

Lagi sekali, lupe dah siapa yang order ni :p.

Sorry dearest. I dont really have that much time to update my blog as my schedule doesn't allow me to :(. That is why I forgot who ordered which one. Itu lah masalahnya. huhuhu...

Enjoy the photos dearest!

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