November 29, 2010

Reasons why I hate delivery.

Yes, I do provide delivery service. Currently I have two riders who can help me deliver my cupcakes to my customers, Mr. Azman & Mr. Henri. Both of them have different rates. But personally, I prefer using Mr. Azman's service as he is more careful of handling my cupcakes. Out of all the deliveries he's done for me, I only received one complaint about the damaged cuppies. As for Henri, well, he's new. Only few of the cupcakes delivered sampai dalam keadaan yang sempurna. Yang lain, semua rosak. But I've warned him to ride his bike carefully, because I don't want to hear any complaints from my customer yang cupcakes dorang dapat tu dah tak cantik masa delivery.

Why I charged for the delivery? One, of course for the fuel. Second, the upah. Third, the upah for the rider to make sure the cuppies sampai ke tangan customers dalam keadaan selamat and masih elok. That's why I agak kecewa bile setiap kali Henri deliver the cupcakes, cupcakes nya dah takde rupa cupcakes.Because when I pay them, I expect them to take full responsibility on the cupcakes. That's why I don't mind paying them lebih sikit (but I always tanya customer dulu la).

Fadzlina @ Ina placed her second order this time. She supposed to come and pick up the cuppies on Friday but she didn't as she needs to be in Seremban by noon. So I did tell her about the delivery charges and my rider will send it to her. But I couldn't promise her that the cuppies will be that OK if it's delivered by my rider. Since dia setuju, so I contacted Henri to help me deliver the cuppies.

When the cupcakes have been delivered, Henri called me. He said 4 cupcakes were damaged during his journey from Shah Alam to Ampang.

Things happened kan. But I'm glad yang rosak tu bukan yang ada design macam nama and the heart shape. Thanks Henri for the delivery.

Anyway, here's the cupcakes look like before it was delivered:

Ina, sorry sebab ada cuppies yang rosak. And thanks for your order.

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