November 20, 2010

Pagi Jumaat yang Ceria :D

I woke up really early this morning; just to finish the cupcakes for today's order. 3 sets to be delivered, and 4 sets will be picked up by customers.

Once I've finished everything, I quickly took a shower and kejutkan my daughter. I served breakfast to hubby and daughter, and then I was off to Telekom Malaysia in Section 11 Shah Alam to deliver cupcakes.

This order came from Nora, who got to know my cupcakes from Facebook. This set is actually for her hubby who works in Telekom in Section 11 Shah Alam. I reached the building quite early. The reason is, I sort of 'menumpang' kereta my hubby (see, I told you I hate driving. Plus, we don't have a second car). He need to reach his office before 10am, so everything need to be settled before 9.20am.

We arrived at Telekom Section 11 at 8.50am. I was looking for Mr. Fuad, and apparently there were many Mr. Fuad in Telekom Section 11. HAHAHA. Luckily, Nora gave me her hubby's number. So I called him. He said he was already on the way to work and he asked me to leave the cupcakes to his department.

I went to his department and I met Encik Faizal (actually he was the only person there). He greeted me with a Salam and asked me whom I was looking for. I said I have this set of cupcakes that needs to be delivered to Mr. Fuad. And luckily, out of all the Fuads in Telekom Section 11, there's only ONE Fuad in his department. Hehe....So Encik Faizal called Mr. Fuad on his mobile and Encik Faizal also wished him happy birthday (I guess he didn't know that today is Mr. Fuad's birthday :P).

I was lucky this morning. There were two ladies who were eyeing on me when I entered the building. When I came out from the building, both of them greeted me and asked me where did I get those cupcakes. So I told them, I made those cupcakes. And each of them placed their order for this coming December; and both have already paid, FULL AMOUNT! Fuh. Memang rezeki :D.

Anyway, here's the cupcakes for Mr. Fuad, from your wife, Puan Nora ;)
Happy Birthday Mr. Fuad. Hope you like your cupcakes :).

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