November 19, 2010

Those tidious things that I love to do ;)

Fondant is tidious. I have to admit. I usually take about 4-5 hours to finish decorating a set of cupcakes using fondant icing. But it's fun to do it, especially when you have so many ideas on what to do with it.

Remember my entry February 2010 where my customer was not satisfied with the hantaran fondant cupcakes that he received? Yeah, I was traumatised by that order. Since then I always said NO whenever I receive any cupcakes orders with fondant icing.

It was horrible. It was my first time using fondant and to make it even worst, the cupcakes were actually for the hantaran for his engagement. He specifically requested white and red color. And not just any red; it was kotak rokok Dunhill red, that was his description on the RED that he requested. Susah kan?

I still remember the look on his face when he received those cupcakes. Kesian dia. Agaknya menyesal dia order cupcakes dgn I :(.

This was the cupcakes yang sangat disaster itu :(...

Tak cantik kan? I pon tak suka. Takpe la. Usaha lagi my mom kata.....

But anyway, it's not that I abandon fondant terus. Sometimes, if my customer request simple2 deco design using fondant, memang I ambil. And Alhamdullillah, from there, I learned a lot.

And since now is the Wedding season, banyak la pulak yang order cupcakes with fondant icing for hantaran. Most of them order dengan kotak yang dah siap deco sekali.

This one is for my friend, Ali from MMU who got married last October:

Alhamdullillah, Ali suka sangat dengan set ni. As you can see, the theme is Black & White. Cool kan the colors?

And this set pulak, was an order from Aimy. It was a gift for her fiance. Saja2 je kot....

And Ain from Shah Alam also ordered a similar set:

Last week, my sister in-law's friend, Kak Faizah, ordered Blue & White cupcakes with fondant icing for her wedding:

And the latest one, a good and dearest friend of mine, Liza Razali, ordered this set of Apple Green & Light Purple for hantaran:

At first it looked like this, because the edible image for the center cupcakes arrived late hehe...So this was my back up plan:

So there you go. My fondant collection ;). I guess practice do make perfect *wink*.

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