November 17, 2010

The Mermaid Princess, The Graceful Belle, The Pretty Princesses and The Beautiful Little Mademoiselle

I received a call on my way to the Upin & Ipin Restaurant located in Section 13 to deliver a box of cupcakes to one of our bestfriends, Mr. Zainol Azhar @ Enol who came all the way from JB. Apparently, Enol and his gang ada kat sini for the COKE competition yang I tak ingat ape namanya. Anyway, this guy, named Hezry, called me and he said he just submitted a form to order cupcakes.

VERY, VERY seldom I got a call from a guy to order cupcakes. And this time, it's for his daughter. Sweet kan?

So since I can check my emails from my phone, I quickly open my browser from my phone and started to check my mails. He insisted to have the Ariel from Little Mermaid & Belle from Beauty and The Beast edible image. It was Saturday when he called, and he wanted to collect the cupcakes on Tuesday! Ya Allah! Macam mana ni? Do I still have time to order the edible image?

So I said to him, I will try my best to get those edible image for him, and promise to call him later, which I didnt, and I feel really guilty about it. I was SOOOO DAMN busy with other cupcakes order that I forgot to call him back. So sorry Encik Hezry. Will improve my service, insya Allah.

And ada satu lagi, he wanted the cupcakes to be delivered pulak, TO CHERAS! Ya Allah! Sempat ke nak book runner ni? So I said, ok takpe, let me check with my runner first. And when I contacted my runner, he said the delivery charge to Batu 9 Cheras is RM45! It is ridiculously expensive, it is almost the same price as my 25pcs cupcakes!

So, I guess since there were no call back from me to Encik Hezry, he called me on Monday afternoon. I felt so guilty for not returning his call. Kesian dia. But I did explain to him that the delivery charges is too expensive and I didn't encourage him to take the delivery, sebab mahal gila ok! Kesian dia. Bayangkan, 25pcs of cupcakes is RM50, plus the edible image is RM18, dah RM68. Plus the delivery RM45, total RM113, just for a box of cupcakes???? gila kan? I asked him whether he knows anyone near his area yang jual cupcakes. He said dia tak tau. Then dia cakap takpe, he will pick up the cupcakes himself that night itself.

Encik Hezry, terima kasih banyak2 for your order and sorry sangat2 sbb you terpaksa drive all the way from Cheras to Shah Alam just to pick up a box of cupcakes for your daughter. I must say, Sofiyyah is one lucky daughter ;).

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