April 20, 2010

A sweet treats from GUJILA ;)

Azila @ Gujila is a funky clothes seller whom I knew from FB. She's very sweet and nice too ;). She heard that I also doing online cupcakes business, so she decided to order 30pieces from me, with her names written on each of the cupcakes. She wanted to her colleagues to have the cupcake each ;). So nice of her.

She supposed to collect the cupcakes from me on Monday night, but at 4pm she sms-ed me and said that she have to cancel our appointment because her dad just got admitted to Hospital in Serdang. But glad to hear that her dad is OK now. and no I was not freaking out because she might cancel the order, I'm just freaking out because I've lost a father, so this kinda news freaks me out, everytime :(.

Anyway, thanks Azila for the order. Nice to meet you and kalau ada baju cantik2 lagi, dont forget to inform me ya ;)

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