March 30, 2010

'Sweet tak?'

Norzehan ordered this set from me, and she placed her order on 2nd March 2010. I remember the date very well because it was my mom's birthday and I was celebrating my mom's birthday when she sms me to place her order ;). Well, yeah I accepted her order.

That was the first time. Then 1 week later, she sms me again saying 'Yang, I confirm tau order cupcake tu'. And I was like, hmm...OK, confirm la ni :). and the order is in another 2weeks.

Then, about 1 week before the date she supposed to collect the cupcakes, she sms me again, 'Yang, I confirm tau amik cupcakes tu'. And so this time I replied 'Yes yang. dah 3 kali dah you confirm. Dont worry k hehehe ;)'. So I guess dia takut I lupa or dia takut I ingat dia nak cancel ke order ni. Takpe Yang, kalo dah sampai 3 kali you confirm, maknanya you memang nak la tu, so dont worry k, I akan tetap buat for you :).

It was for somebody special to her, AMIRUL HAKIM. Birthday si Amirul Hakim la ni kan. And when she collected the cupcakes, finally I got to see NORZEHAN yang 3 kali confirm the cupcakes order ;). She's tall, and very sweet and she's studying in UiTM Melaka. In what course, I'm not sure. But coming back to Shah Alam just to pick the cupcakes? I asked her. She asked me back 'Sweet tak? Sweet tak?'. I told her 'Very sweet'.


I pon dulu macam tu. But I gave up being romantic since there's no responds AT ALL towards me yang asyik nak romantic je. huhuhu...

Happy Birthday AMIRUL HAKIM! And thanks Zehan for your order :).

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