March 8, 2010

Garden Themed Cupcakes

Shahirah of Sect. 7 Shah Alam, ordered this set. Actually, the story goes like this. Initially, she ordered 25pcs of cupcakes for her anniversary with her hubby and she requested bra & panties theme with WHITE & BLUE color. OK, no problem.

Then, she e-mailed me and said changed of plan, nak tukar 16pcs pulak. OK, no problem.

Then, on Saturday night, I sms-ed her to confirm about the order. Boleh pulak hubby dia tengok the sms. So, KANTOI!!! HAHAHAHA...Shahirah, sorry sangat, tak menjadi you punye surprise kat your hubby.

And according to her, dia baru pindah rumah, so ada ramai orang kat rumah dia and they were so excited about the cupcakes. Peh! I felt like a celebrity already. huhuhu. So, since ada ramai orang nak rasa the cupcakes, she changed the order again and make it 25pcs. And no more bras and panties theme, kena buat garden theme sbb according to her, tak sesuai la pulak nak bagi orang tua makan bras n panties cupcakes. Ada tersedak pakcik & makcik tu nanti...huhuhu

Anyway Shahirah, thank you for your order. It was nice meeting you ;).

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