February 9, 2010

All for the Charity @ Zouk KL

Nervous gile at first, I tak pernah berniaga retail before. hehe....This was the first experience. But it was OK actually. The bazaar was opened to public from 4pm to 8pm. But most of the vendors selling clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I rasa I sorang je yang jual cupcakes kot huhuhu....
I had a very nice neighbour. Those boys from Shah Alam too, one of them from Section 8 jugak hehe. They were quite cute actually :P. They sold shoes and T-shirts.
For my booth, of course, I sold my cupcakes, there were Valentine's Cupcakes and also CNY cupcakes. But the bestseller was my Chocolate Chips Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache topping.
There was one man came to my booth and said 'I want 5 of these', pointing at the single Chocolate Chips Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache topping. So I said 'OK', and while I was packing the cupcakes for him, I asked him 'for your friends, sir?'. He said ' No, I'm very hungry. I haven't had my lunch'.
Hehehe....hope my cupcakes satisfied your lunch appetite Sir ;).
Anyway, although it was a short bazaar, but I had fun. Looking forward for another Bazaar ;).

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