January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Sani!!!

Sumpah I tak tau at first yang this order is for my ex-TIKL mate. hehehehe....his friend, Aznita ordered this set to surprise him on his birthday.
My runner, Azman, delivered this set to Aznita. Bawak motor. So, I takut the cuppies jatuh ke, tunggang terbalik ke, because you know la motor kan, langgar bump sikit dah goyang. So, I sangat risau kalau kejadian itu TERJADI, so I took pre-caution. At the bottom of the cuppies, I letak double sided tape so that the cuppies tak bergerak. I sangat puas hati bila the cuppies sampai dengan keadaan selamat kepada pemunya nya.... :)
Happy birthday to Sani. Welcome to the 3series club bro!!! hahaha....hope you had a wonderful birthday :D.

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