November 26, 2009

Oh well...

There's a story behind the making of this set of cuppies.

A friend of mine (dont want to mention her name here) ordered this set right before I left my office on Monday. Beriya-iya dia suruh I buat these cuppies for her. So I quickly went back home and bake her cuppies, together with the rest of other orders. She said she will pick-up the cuppies Tuesday morning at my office.

The next day, I reached my office very early, at 8.15am. Because she said she will be near my office around 8.30am. I dont like to make people to wait for me. I called her many times, 4-5 times. No answer. At 8.45am, she sms me 'Kejap'. OK. I waited until 9.00am.

At 9.00am, I called her again and again, she didn't answer my call. I got frustrated. I was about to take the elevator to go to my office when she sms me 'Babe, sorry ya. Aku demam la. tak boleh nak amik cupcakes tu la harini. Lagipun aku nak guna duit nak pi klinik'.

Oh well....dah takde rezeki kat dia nak buat cemana kan. takpe la.

Then, I advertise the cuppies on FB. And Kak Miza responded to the advert. LUCKILY, dia nak the cuppies. So I bagi la kat dia with discount ;). Hope she likes it ;).

Thank you Kak Miza!! you saved my day ;D.

49pieces of mix Vanilla & Chocolate with Choc Chips Cupcakes with Melted Chocolate Ganache topping.


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